Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Beginning...

As a working mother of two children approaching her thirties, I have convinced myself that I need to find a hobby. Not that I really have time for a hobby. With kids, work, meetings, PTA, appointments, committees, school functions, fundraisers and trying to manage a semi-organized home (okay well I am working up to semi-organized), I am completely drained and exhausted. But I need to find a passion. I need to find something that fulfills me aside from my kids and better half.

I have decided that starting in January, I will commit myself to explore the lifestyle of homesteading. Homesteading has been defined by some of a simple life of self-sufficiency. Days are filled with living off the land, using natural resources, and getting back to a more pioneer way of life. I am no pioneer woman and I have no intentions of trying to be an extreme "live off the grid" homesteader. However as I think about this concept, I realize that as a modern family, we get lost in the world of television, brand names, fast food and other convenience items. Maybe I won't raise sheep or convert to solar energy, but I could change little things to break some of these holds that the modern world has on my family.

There are a few benefits of this project that I would like to achieve. I would like my family to gain self-sufficiency skills. In this ridiculous economy, I would like to find ways to save money by living smarter.  Last and most importantly, I would like to create a stronger bond with my family by working together to make our life better. I would like my kids to appreciate how people "survived" without all the modern items and technology that they are drowning in today.

The reason for the blog mainly is to keep myself motivated to continue with this project. I have a bad habit of starting things and not going through to the end. Hopefully (!) through this I will also meet more like-minded people that will share their experiences with me.

So here goes... Let my adventure begin.

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